Sea of flowers pillow with linseed & lavender


You’ll feel like you’re on a heavenly flower meadow!

Our flower cushion is richly filled with linseed & lavender. It provides a blissful, slightly moist therapeutic warmth and heavenly smell. When necessary, you can also put it in the freezer and use it as a cold compress.



The size of this pillow is 22cm x 22cm

Pillows filled with natural products have been healing body and soul for centuries.
You can use them as heat therapy or to relax. A traditional remedy for the relief of constipation, bloating, menstrual pain …

For example, heat therapy soothes rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, a stiff neck, you name it.

Cold therapy is also recommended to help treat sprains, bruises, inflammation such as acute bursitis, swelling, headaches, migraines, and circulation problems.

You can choose from various fabrics and whether you want delicious lavender or not, something for everyone!
Please note: the colors of our products on the website may differ from the actual product color.

Additional information

Warm-up: max 2min. at 600-800W, max 1min. at 900-1000W

Cooling: up to 2 hours in the freezer 

All our cushions are hand washable at 30 ° C, you can easily do this by bathing them.

Read carefully the washing instructions that come with your Cerezita.